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What is the secret of the mesmerizing power of music?
Music surrounds us everywhere. At the sounds of a powerful orchestral crescendo, tears come to my eyes and goose bumps run down my back. Musical accompaniment enhances the artistic expression…

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Impressionism in music
Impressionism (French: impressionnisme, from impression - impression), the direction in art of the last third of the XIX - beginning of XX centuries. The application of the term “impressionism” to…

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Enhancing cathartic experiences with music
Just one look at a person who has in his memory a difficult experience, actualized in the present, in order to determine the presence of this experience. Usually, a person…

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About vocals

Vocalist (from the Latin words vox – “voice” and vocalis – “sounding”) – a musical profession, a role in a musical collective, involves the performance of various vocal parts.

Now, the term vocalist almost coincides with the term singer, but in modern pop music it is interpreted somewhat more broadly, in particular, implying the possibility of recitation, recitative, etc.

Singer – the one who sings, is engaged in singing. Artist of vocal music: songs, romances, arias, choirs, singles, etc. A musician who performs music on a musical instrument, which is his own voice. The singer is the most common type of vocalist.

In classical music and in opera, the voice is interpreted exclusively as a musical instrument. Composers write music for this instrument, taking into account the skill and characteristics of the singer’s voice.

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How to behave on stage

Scene fear
Today I will touch on a topic that excites all artists without exception – the fear of the scene. Everyone, absolutely every musician or artist – even professional and active in concert – is worried before going on stage. This is a completely natural phenomenon – all people are subject to emotions to one degree or another. The question is how to cope with these emotions and how to direct them in the right direction. How not to let you overwhelm and not allow growth in fear, panic?

Everyone knows that experience comes with the practice of performances, and many people resort to tricks, tricks, and proven tricks over the years that save them at a difficult moment. Undoubtedly, a certain amount of artistry and dexterity is necessary to look at the scene at ease and relaxed, but this is such a business, and if you feel that it is too difficult – just do not handle it. For those who are confident in success, there are no barriers. Continue reading

Beginner musicians about creating a band

I won’t open anything new for the dinosaurs of the musical world, but for beginners, I think this article will greatly help and coordinate their actions. All information is based on personal experience.

Where to start? Clearly decide for yourself whether you need this migraine. Believe me, you will have to do a lot! First, find serious people who are suitable for you according to their views on music. Secondly, buy tools and equipment, but everyone will not have enough money. Thirdly, to find a permanent place for rehearsals and establish a schedule of musicians about creating a band, while one part of the staff is studying on the first shift, the other on the second, and the third generally works round the clock. Fourth, look for “your note”, your style, your sound, think up so many thoughtful lyrics, crazy reefs, speedy, soulful solos, drum parts on the verge of human capabilities, in order to somehow differ from millions of other groups. Fifth, performing somewhere in the sessions at the beginning with trembling hands, legs and voices. And finally, organize the recording of albums. Continue reading

Electric guitar

The device of an electric guitar on the example of Fender Stratocaster:
1-Vulture. 2-body. 3-head neck. 4-upper nut. 5-Porozhek fret. 6-Kolka. 7-bridge (with tremolo). 8-pickup humbucker. 9-Pickup single. 10-Lever. 11-pickup switch. 12-tone control 13-volume control. 14-Socket for connecting the cord. 15-Hole for adjusting the anchor. 16-belt attachment. 17-fret marker.

The fretboard of the electric guitar (1) is practically no different from the acoustics and consists of two parts: the fretboard itself and the overlay fastened with glue. Recall that the fingerboard is its upper part, on which the frets are located. On the head of the neck (3) there are also pegs (6), and inside the neck there is an anchor, the task of which is still the same – to prevent the strings from bending the neck. The bar can be glued to the deck, or it can be attached with screws (this is one of the differences from acoustics). Continue reading

On the relevance of the use of music in teaching children to read, write and math

From ancient times to the present day, musical art has undoubtedly been recognized by philosophers, musicians, and teachers as an indispensable means of developing the spiritual world of man. No art can compare with music by the power of emotional impact.

In ancient Greece, musical art was given the leading role in education. The great Aristotle emphasized not only the pedagogical, but also the therapeutic value of music, believing that music through catharsis removes heavy mental experiences.

Pythagoras believed that music, as a manifestation of cosmic harmony, can create in man the same internal order and harmony as in space. It is known that music also has a therapeutic effect on the human body. Hippocrates also used in his medical practice the influence of music on the sick. Continue reading

Why know something about music?
It is known about music that: everyone listens to her, some compose and perform; modern music is created on the basis of theory, musical notation, knowledge of the secrets of…


Music in my head
Before modern methods of neuroimaging were developed, researchers studied the musical abilities of the brain, observing patients (including famous composers) with various disorders of its activity due to trauma or…


Musically gifted brain
Just as short-term training increases the number of neurons that respond to sound, long-term training enhances nerve cell responses and even causes physical changes in the brain. The brain reactions…


When a rumor appears
At the beginning of his career, Tomatis claimed that the fetus, being in the womb, hears and listens to her voice. Scientific research has confirmed this idea, which at the…