About the Philharmonic
Philharmonic (from the Greek. Phileo - I love and harmonia - harmony, "I love harmony") - in some countries: a music society or an institution that organizes concerts, promotes the…

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The aesthetics and importance of music in the history of the formation of man, society and the world.
Musical aesthetics exists more than the culture of music as an independent art form. Musical aesthetics was similar to labor, appropriation, submission of the unknown. It carried such functions as…

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Hearing therapy of A. Tomatis
About 40 years ago, the French otolaryngologist Alfred Tomatis made some amazing discoveries that spurred the development of the Tomatis method. This method has various names: “auditory training”, “auditory arousal”…

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successful experiment

Electric guitar

The device of an electric guitar on the example of Fender Stratocaster:
1-Vulture. 2-body. 3-head neck. 4-upper nut. 5-Porozhek fret. 6-Kolka. 7-bridge (with tremolo). 8-pickup humbucker. 9-Pickup single. 10-Lever. 11-pickup switch. 12-tone control 13-volume control. 14-Socket for connecting the cord. 15-Hole for adjusting the anchor. 16-belt attachment. 17-fret marker.

The fretboard of the electric guitar (1) is practically no different from the acoustics and consists of two parts: the fretboard itself and the overlay fastened with glue. Recall that the fingerboard is its upper part, on which the frets are located. On the head of the neck (3) there are also pegs (6), and inside the neck there is an anchor, the task of which is still the same – to prevent the strings from bending the neck. The bar can be glued to the deck, or it can be attached with screws (this is one of the differences from acoustics). Continue reading

At the limit of hearing

The French otolaryngologist Alfred Tomatis was the first to systematically investigate the influence of high frequency sounds on the human psyche.

According to his theory, a baby, swimming in an amniotic fluid during fetal development, hears a lot of sounds that become inaccessible to him after birth – mother’s breathing, her heartbeat, voice, noise from the work of internal organs, etc.

This is due to the fact that during the period of intrauterine development, the child’s ears are filled with a fluid that conducts sound much better than air; in particular, high-frequency attenuations in a liquid are much less

To use his discoveries in practice, Tomatis immersed microphones and speakers protected by a film in the bathroom through which the work of the internal organs of a woman was broadcast. Thus, he simulated sound filtering through the mother’s placenta. Continue reading

My first patient and Beethoven’s testament

My first patient became my first teacher.

A girl of 16 years old was brought to me – recently her condition was close to suicide. Her eyes looked inward, she was in a daze, the words she found with difficulty. The girl put the Lusher test, and, of course, the first color was chosen black.

Among hundreds of reproductions, she chose Pieta Michelangelo, where the tragic madonna looked at her dead son, and the mournful insensibility of her beautiful face resembled Chekhov’s words about the beauty of human grief.

Numbness, gray clothes, something monastic in the form of a girl aroused sympathy, a desire to help and revive this stone with music.

I played and asked what she liked.

The girl chose the Beethoven’s Eighth Sonata, where the sufferer got out of trouble in humility and complaint of the second part. Continue reading

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